Google Adsense VS Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are two great ways to earn money online. Many of the people earn money by applying both of these methods and some of the people are applying only one method to earn money online.

Google Adsense

AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website.

  • In Google Adsense, Google act as the intermediary between the affiliates and the merchants.
  • The merchant, or the advertiser, would simply sign up with Google and provide the latter with text ads pertaining to their products.
  • These ads, which is actually a link to the advertiser’s website, would then appear on Google searches as well as on the websites owned by the affiliates, or by those webmasters who have signed up with the Google Adsense program.
  • The Google Adsense program compensates the affiliate in a pay-per-click basis.
  • The advertisers would pay Google a certain amount each time their ad on your site is clicked and Google would then forward this amount to you through checks, although only after Google have deducted their share of the amount.
  • Google Adsense checks are usually delivered monthly.
  • Also, the Google Adsense program provides webmasters with a tracking tool that allows you to monitor the earnings you actually get from a certain ad.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing actually works for merchants as well as it works for the affiliates.
  • Affiliate marketing is a relationship or agreement made between two websites, with one site being the merchant’s website and the other being the affiliate’s site.
  • In the relationship, the affiliate agrees to let the merchant advertise his products on the affiliate’s site.
  • The merchant, on the other hand, would agree to pay the affiliate in whatever method they have agreed into.
  • This would generally mean easy income for the affiliate, as he would do nothing but place the retailer’s ad on his site.

There are lot of similarities and differences between Google Adsense and affiliate marketing programs. In Google Adsense, all the webmaster has to do is place a code on his website and rest leave on Google. The ads that Google would place on your site would generally be relevant to the content of your site. This would be advantageous both for you and for the advertiser, as the visitors of your site would more or less be actually interested with the products being advertised.

TIP: Use Affiliate marketing banners + Adsense + Direct advertisements to monetize website.

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