How to Improve Your Alexa Rank Quickly

Today we will discuss how you can improve your alexa rank, As you know Alexa Rank is the big factor when it comes to sell direct advertisement right from your Website or Blog. Most of the time direct advertisers contact Website or blog owners which got good alexa rank even if they are less popular. So it is always good to give some of your useful time to improve your alexa rank.

Today we will be talking about the top 10 major tips on how to improve your alexa rank.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is a company that calls there self’s as Web Informational Company. Alexa Ranking of your blog is decided upon many factor which we will talk below in the post.The best part of alexa is it gets updated daily and the lesser your rank the better it will be.

1.Claim Your Site On Alexa

Claiming your site on alexa gives alexa confidence about you that you gain control over the domain.It also gives them trust upon you.Claiming your site works almost like a verification process.So it is important to claim your site on alexa to get your alexa rank increased quickly.You can claim Your Website By Going Here

2.Install Alexa Toolbar

As said above in the how alexa rank is calculated point that alexa will only count the traffic that have toolbar installed.So it is good to install alexa toolbar in your browser and also asking your blog readers to install Alexa Toolbar in their blog.Install Alexa Toolbar in Your Browser By Going Here

3.Add Alexa Rank Widget

As a blogger you can not ask every of your blog reader to install Alexa Toolbar in their browser but the other thing you can do is install Alexa Rank widget in your blog so that you will get maximum exposure and good rankings also.Get Alexa Rank Widget Code By Going Here

4.Quality Content

Content is the king and this is also in the alexa. If you write good and quality content in your blog then your alexa ranking will increase quickly and rapidly.

5.Get Traffic From Bloggers

Getting traffic from bloggers and techies lets your alexa rank increase rapidly and quickly.The reason behind this that most of the bloggers have alexa tool bar installed in their browsers so if you get traffic from them then your alexa will increase very fastly.

6.Write a Review About

Alexa is also a blog and they also loves backlinks to them and good reviews.So just write a good review for alexa on your blog and give an backlink to

7.Commenting And Backlinking

Comment on the other blog that falls under similar niche to your blog and create a backlink for your blog,This will increase the backlinks to your blog and backlinks are very crucial for increasing alexa rank.

8.Social Exposure

Increase the social exposure in your blog by sharing your blog posts on various social media platforms this will not only increase your blog traffic.But it will also increase your alexa very quickly.

9.Update your Blog Regularly

Updating your blog regularly helps a lot in increasing the alexa rank of your blog.So it is recommended for you to improve the posting frequency in your blog if you want to increase your blog alexa rank.

10. Directory Submission

Submitting your blog url to good directories will also help you to give your alexa rank a boost.

Final Words:-

The secret behind the fact some bloggers improve alexa rank very quickly is that they get traffic from bloggers.Hope this will help you to increase your Website alexa rank quick & fast. Happy Blogging

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