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I being digital Marketing Trainer at click Prefect , enroll digital is often being asked a Question by our Students?

How can i make world Famous Viral ? 

Dear Students , Please be patient .. Gone are the days when virals use to happen by chance or by sheer Luck …

Viral Campaigns go Viral because , some one somewhere feels more Smart , Intelligent , Happening sorts in the groups by sharing those virals..


Point to be noted — If a content can make a person feel more smart in the crowd he is connected with , it can go viral. All you have to do is make a content which a person feels amazed by after sharing with his / her friends via any channel, FB , You tube , Twitter , Slideshare , Pintrest . Please note- Facebook and Twitters are Technology to make viral go Viral , They are not Strategies in itself..

People often share their Good Marksheets , Good Grades , Good Achievements , some funny jokes which they laughed at and want their friends to laugh aswel, some new upcoming movie Trainer which is still not out and they have catched it some how ?


A small example —

In early February Linked in e mailed to few people ..“Congratulations, you have one of the top 5% most-viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.” It felt good to be part of that special group, sure, but the recipients (including myself) did more than just pat themselves on the back.

Now people including me shared this information on Social Media websites because it made them feel proud about it .  Linked in Gained Free Popularity so called viral activity for Linked in …

You can make Good virals by Hitting people feel good factor …. Start giving Freebies and appreciation to your employees they will give you free word of mouth publicity by posting their pictures on Social Media and woohaaa your Viral campaign is on the way…

Maggi is asking people to share their pictures with recipe on Facebook ? Isn’t it sound like a great Viral Activity ? Think about it  ?


Feel free to get in touch with me at shweta@clickprefect.com


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