The Web Analytics World in 2012

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool. Google Analytics is free, user friendly, easy to install on a website or a blog, easy to integrate with the range of Google services such as AdWords, AdSense, Doubleclick, GWT, etc… This makes Google Analytics very popular et probably the most popular web analytics software on the market.

At, we decided to review Google Analytics’ usage worldwide in 2012. Our technology partner explains how: “we investigate technologies of websites, not of individual web pages. If we find a technology on any of the pages, it is considered to be used by the website.“’s CEO Matthias Gelbmann adds, “We include only the top 1 million websites in the statistics in order to limit the impact of domain spammers. We use website popularity rankings provided by Alexa using a 3 months average ranking. Alexa rankings are sometimes considered inaccurate for measuring website traffic, but we find that they serve our purpose of providing a representative sample of established sites very well.”

According to Netcraft, there are around 700 million websites in June 2012, of which 190 million are active. On average, Google Analytics is installed on 55.8 per cent of websites – Google Analytics is installed on 100 million + websites -, giving Google Analytics a whopper 81.5 per cent market share of the worldwide web analytics software industry. The second place goes to LiveInternet with 5.4 per cent and ranking third is CNZZ with 4.1 per cent market share.

Some numbers about the use of Google Analytics worldwide:

  • In Europe, we love Google Analytics, just under 62 per cent of all websites have it installed
  • Only South America beats Europe to the top spot with 66.9 per cent
  • In Iraq Google Analytics is used by 3.4 per cent of websites, making it the lowest ranking
  • Macedonia is the Google Analytics top ranking country in the world with 83.3%
  • Asia is the only region of the world with a Google Analytics usage below 50 per cent with 43.5 per cent. CNZZ would have a much higher usage
  • under a third of all .mobi websites use Google Analytics as a web analytics tool – 29.4 per cent to be precise
  • just under two third of newly created .xxx TLD websites use Google Analytics with 62.2 per cent
  • 84 per cent of .ie sites use a traffic analysis tool vs. 68 per cent worldwide
  • Google Analytics is installed on 78 per cent of .ie websites
  • Full Circle Studies ranks second on .ie websites
  • 5 per cent of. ie sites use Adtech vs. 0.3 per cent worldwide
  • Adtech ranks third behind AdSense and DoubleClick

‘Who is using Google Analytics in 2012′

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